Joan Sweete has always been drawn to the old-fashioned idea of true love with one person, which puts her at odds with the wild west of romance in the year 2063. When Eden Corporation chooses her to test-drive the Perfect Mate, a custom-made romantic partner, she thinks she has finally found her match… but love is a complicated industry.




“The Perfect Mate deserves a wide audience… a funny and brisk rom-com musical with laugh-out loud punchlines. A show with heart in a setting that feels 40 years futuristic, but not too far-fetched. The Perfect Mate entertains -- and without getting preachy -- makes points about the superficiality of today's dating apps and our obsession with staring at and scrolling through our handheld screens. A perfect date night show this Valentine's season, or fresh fun for anyone looking for smiles.”

- The Times Beaver County


“The Perfect Mate is fantastic, and fantastical. Writer-composers Dan Lipton & David Rossmer have packed their show with color and stylistic touches, including a Wicked-like lexicon of future neologisms. The show is in perpetual bubbling, electronic life. It's a totally immersive experience: even before the show, advertisements from the future are displayed on the video screens, and the preshow music is futuristic remixes of real-world pop music. I strongly recommend coming early to take in the sights and sounds. Grab a date, or maybe program one, and see The Perfect Mate while you can.”

- BroadwayWorld


“If you can’t find the perfect mate, why not create one? Come and see this funny, music-filled world premiere rom-com musical and you’ll find out!”

- 'Burgh Vivant


“Pittsburgh CLO’s World Premiere of The Perfect Mate shows how perfectly imperfect love can be. What makes this hilarious, powerhouse musical particularly thought-provoking, is that technological advancements have led society into an A.I.-driven multiverse. The Perfect Mate offers non-stop, catchy musical numbers but also makes you think about what ‘perfection’ really is. Lipton & Rossmer’s clever book and lyrics highlight how human imperfections make us perfect.”

- OnStage Pittsburgh


“This is 2063, and the era’s techies and computer age geeks have come up with something new... an A.I.-enhanced, robotic mate pre-programmed to match the preferences and tastes of your ideal life partner. Now that’s what I call technology!”

- Pittsburgh Owl Scribe